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APRIL 27, 2012

HeadsUp! CTE Facebook page created

Facebook post:  “Not sure what to do with all of this specifically. I have so much more research that so many others have forwarded and sent. What I have posted is mostly news stories, but there are various studies and clinical reports that support the press. The more I talk with others and read these stories, the more I have no doubt Sean died of repeated trauma — I watched my spectacular brother slowly die over the past 20 years following a very successful, however physically and emotionally abusive football career. I saw the depression starting just after 9/11 when Sean first moved in with me. By the time we knew this was more than what most of us feel when life brings despair, even the experts didn’t help.

I only wish I knew what I could have done different — it hurts to admit this, but now I do — for your baby bro — because my soul-aches for you and I don’t want anyone else to ever feel this way…for any others to lose their loved ones because of lack of awareness. And so this chapter begins…”   Almost 3000 web site visitors later… what have we accomplished?



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