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Life is 10% what happens to us – 90% what we do with it… 


Our primary focus is providing awareness, education and support to those impacted by CTE.

  • In December 2012, we are helping to coordinate and fund treatment (at no/minimal financial cost) for two individuals who have sustained multiple concussions and head injuries over the years as the result of sports and other activities.  These two individuals meet our ‘ideal candidate demographic’:
    • non-professional athletes
    • every-day members of society with limited funds and resources available
    • incredible passion and commitment to forging authentic purposeful relationships
    • approximate age extreme changes in behavior, mood, and health began:  40
    • numerous head injuries
    • multiple attempts to get assistance only to be mis/undiagnosed
    • a willingness to go public with their stories in order to assist others impacted by CTE
  • We are actively raising funds to bring treatment and resources such as our Each One Reach One™ campaign and other outreach efforts.
  • Currently we are partnering with Cardio Coach™ via the web site.  50% of all sales will go directly to HeadsUp! CTE.
  • On May 4, 2013 we will host 5|4 Day.  This day will be dedicated to our brother, son, uncle, coach, mentor, friend, and angel, Sean O’Malley, The Cardio Coach™ –  as we release a tribute MP3 workout in his honor – in order to raise funds for our HeadsUp! CTE efforts.
  • In conjunction with Dr. Mike Lewis of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute, we are building retreat center programs to host and help those impacted by CTE.  The first of the centers is located in Delray Beach, Florida area.  We are partnering with the Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches and other provides to provide a holistic and sustainable treatment program.
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