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Treatments Helping Football Player with Mood and Memory

August 4, 2012

This sounds incredibly hopeful!


George Visger was a defensive lineman in the NFL. He said his dream was to play for five years and then retire and build a homestead in Alaska. Things didn’t turn out the way he expected. Today Visger is 51. He is a wildlife biologist in Northern California and has spent the better part of the last 28 years suffering from brain damage, the result of numerous concussions.

Visger played for the University of Colorado in the 1977 Orange Bowl, and many hard hits later, he finished his NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers, playing with the 1981 team that won the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

In one of his earlier emails to me, Visger wrote, “The human body was not meant to play football. My Orange Bowl and Super Bowl rings are not worth what my family goes through dealing with my short term memory issues, anger management issues and lack of judgment.” We talked on the phone last week.

You started hyperbaric oxygen therapy last week. Have you noticed a difference?

Within three treatments I was feeling really different. I’m a lot less tense, and my memory is better. Just remembering your call today—that wouldn’t have happened before. A few months ago I also, started taking some Dr. Barry Sears food supplements—industrial grade Omega 3 and concentrated fruit and vegetable juices, and I think that is helping too.

Full article here.


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