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Does the NFL ‘Glorify’ Violent Hits?

June 10, 2012


In December of the 2010 season, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced stricter discipline, including suspensions, for illegal hits to the head or neck. Last December, the league began using athletic trainers in the press box to spot players wobbled by potential concussions and alert medical staff on the sideline.

“It took decades for the NFL to admit that there was a problem and sixteen years (1994 to 2010) to admit that its information was false and inaccurate,” says the complaint. “The NFL’s conduct in this regard is willful and wanton and exhibits a reckless disregard for the safety of its players and the public at large.”

In addition to the NFL and NFL Properties (the league’s marketing arm), the defendants in the master complaint include Riddell, official helmet of the NFL. It had been named in some of the individual suits.

“At the time the helmets were designed, manufactured, sold, and distributed by the Riddell … the helmets were defective in design, unreasonably dangerous, and unsafe for their intended purpose,” says the master complaint.

The complaint also alleges the league glorified violent hits through NFL Films productions, claiming the league used them to promote “the most violent aspects of NFL football and to urge players at every level of the game to disregard the results of violent head impacts.”

(link to full article)

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